Tracie & Luke

"As a first time mum I attended Kellie's baby massage class without any idea of what to expect. I enjoyed all of the classes, it allowed me to meet other mums, share experiences, swap tips and stories as well as form a support network which was invaluable. It was also quite reassuring to see mums who looked just as sleep deprived!

The class was also a good experience for dad too who went along for one session with the rest of the dads and also came back with the same feelings of being in a group where you all have a shared and common interest that gives you all a bond.

Kellie's instruction was at a pace that was easy to follow, with good demonstration on her own baby doll and the handouts each week provided you with the literature that supported and supplemented the massage and its many benefits.  Kellie's professional yet approachable manner and the fact that she had  assured the group that anything stated within the group would remain confidential, helped us all with trust, re-assurance and enabled us to ask questions which we may have felt unable to ask had she approached the group any differently. Lastly the experience of carrying out the massage on my baby is probably the best testament of all! Not only have I found it a fantastic bonding experience with my baby, but it's also helped with colic, relaxation, routine and I personally strongly believe it's helped him from a developmental point of view as my baby  has hit most of his milestones ahead of time. As an Occupational Therapist, neuro-development has been a special interest of mine and I therefore attribute this to be partly due to the massage. I would also therefore recommend this class to any first time parents, not only for its many massage benefits and its social and supportive perspective, but also because Kellie is a fantastic trainer! We still massage baby Luke who enjoys it as part of his night time routine and will continue to do so well into his childhood because of its many benefits and the initial passion with which it was taught! Thank you Kellie we owe you!"
(Tracie, Pregnancy Massage/Reiki/
Birth Partner Massage/Infant Massage

Luke and Ethan demonstrate how relaxed they felt after their infant massage class!




Imogen & Ethan


"This was a brilliant course with a very knowledgeable and patient instructor.  My baby boy was always much more relaxed after the massage and I learned some very useful techniques for helping ease trapped wind that I still use with him now, months later.  It's a fantastic way to bond with your child and I would recommend this course to any mums or dads, especially the sceptics as your perception of baby massage will change forever!!"
(Imogen, Infant Massage)

Various comments on the things parents enjoyed most during the five week Baby Massage Course:

"Learning something new to do with my baby and how to massage him safely."

"Bonding with my son and helping him to relax with the massage techniques."

"The pace of the class, the clear explanations and the handouts. I also enjoyed meeting other mums and babies."

"A day for the dads only was great respite for mum and dad enjoyed meeting other dads too."

"Seeing all the babies so relaxed."

"Having one on one time with my baby."

"I really enjoyed the class and glad I attended – despite my cynicism! Would definitely attend future classes."

"The massage calms him and aids sleep – but more importantly he now gets excited, waving his arms and legs, because he recognises the cues and knows he is about to receive a massage which he thoroughly enjoys."

"Knowing how to calm my baby when he gets upset or stressed. This has been a great help during medical appointments."

"The instructor made us feel comfortable by giving introductions, examples and being open to questions. A very relaxed and informal atmosphere. She also made it feel safe to show emotions and have frank discussions and was caring towards both parents and babies."