Case Study Testimonial

"Kellie was instrumental in helping me into the throws of labour with this new treatment. I felt the size of a house and consequently I was unable to sleep as I just couldn't get comfortable generally and was desperate to meet my long awaited baby!

Kellie provided me with a treatment which I totally attribute to starting my labour. The session consisted of Kellie stimulating reflex points on my feet and surrounding areas as well as working on my chakras and guiding me through a visualisation to music.

I feel that the visualisation really helped me with my breathing technique when I entered the final stages of labour as well as giving me the feeling that I had done it all before even though I hadn't! The treatment also helped me to draw upon my own inner strength and gave me an almost 'spiritual' approach to the birth in the form of a visualisation of a wise/strong spiritual birthing partner. It was a great help during labour when I called upon that same visualisation - at a time when it would otherwise have been very easy to lose the plot! My midwife even commented after the birth that I was one of the most composed and relaxed mothers she had encountered!

Childbirth was not as scary as many TV scenarios where women giving birth are often portrayed kicking, screaming, swearing and generally having a bad time of it! My birthing partners had also been surprised at how calm I had been! Kellie had helped not only me and the baby, but also my birthing partners and my midwife, who apparently enjoyed helping such an easy mother!

I can't thank Kellie enough for ensuring that a potentially anxiety-provoking experience went calmly and without stress to anyone. I will certainly have this treatment again and use the same techniques with my next baby!"