International Association of Infant Massage - 5 week course

A skill for parents that encourages nurturing touch and deep bonding between you and your baby.

Massage gives confidence to all parents when handling their baby, assists in the bonding process and creates quality time between parent and child in the fast paced world we live in. Key benefits of Infant Massage for you and your baby are:

Relief : colic, sinuses, growing pains, excess mucus, constipation & teething pains.

Relaxation : regulates sleep, reduces stress & produces calming hormones.

Stimulation : skin, nervous system, digestion, circulation, muscle tone, immune system, respiration & language.

Interaction : improves bonding, communication, reading baby cues, one to one contact & using all the senses.

Course content:

Week 1: Demonstration and participation of legs and feet massage.

Week 2: Demonstration and participation of stomach massage and “wind routine”.

Week 3: Demonstration and participation of chest, arms and hands massage.

Week 4: Demonstration and participation of face and back massage.

Week 5: Participation of full body massage.



As well as learning how to safely massage your baby you will be shown touch relaxation techniques and gentle movements. During the course you will get to meet other parents and join in with discussions on relevant topics together with sharing ideas and suggestions with the group.

Massage communicates to all children, all caregivers, all communities and all backgrounds. By passing on these skills to parents it gives you the chance to assist in alleviating or eliminating ailments so that parenthood and childhood can be enjoyed to the full.

Please note: ALL babies welcome from 4 weeks until crawling.

How can Infant Massage help with Special Needs? Click here for details [pdf]

Five week courses running throughout the year. For details of the next course dates or to reserve your place, please contact Kellie with your name, your baby's name, age and details of any problems or health conditions you/your baby may currently be experiencing.

For more information on the International Association of Infant Massage and the history of its founder, Vimala McClure, please click here [pdf]

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